4 Benefits of a DocuSign Integrated Platform

Did you know that your platform provider can integrate with DocuSign so that documents are quickly and easily accessible to both compliance team members and advisors? It’s quite simple and it can help improve your business processes. Here’s how:

  1. Increase Speed & Efficiency  The integration between data capture through DocuSign and populating the fields on our platform is instant. Once you click submit it is sent off for signatures and then to the custodian with the exact data that was entered. 
  2. Minimize Risk & Increase Accuracy It’s all about data integrity. Data is captured once and will not require multiple inputs, meaning there is less risk of human error and documents not in good order (NIGO).
  3. Track It Worried about the audit trail? DocuSign integration allows accurate capture of data, and provides a full and detailed audit trail for compliance teams. 
  4. Enhance Existing Workflows No need to switch between multiple programs. View RTPs and signed documents all from one screen.

At Four Eyes, we believe that the Holy Grail of clean and accurate data is possible. With a DocuSign integration, you can be sure that compliance workflows will; encounter fewer errors, speed up the data entry process for advisors, and ensure accuracy of data to the custodian. 

Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about how the Four Eyes Intelligent Compliance Platform’s DocuSign integration can scale your firm’s compliance processes.