Four Eyes Awarded Top 25 Wealth Tech Provider in 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Four Eyes has been recognized as a Top 25 Wealth Tech Provider by Wealth Professional. This accolade stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the wealth management technology sector.

Here’s what makes Four Eyes stand out:

With 1 out of every 10 dollars in revenue being spent on regulatory compliance, there’s a pressing need to reduce costs and streamline operations. Four Eyes addresses this challenge by offering an Intelligent Compliance Platform, leveraging cloud-native technology to efficiently gather data across back, mid, and front-office workflows. This empowers wealth firms to consolidate vendors, minimize end-point products, and integrate daily custodial data seamlessly through a unified platform.

Intelligent Compliance Platform:

  • Risk7 (Trade Surveillance & Suitability, KYC & KYP): Take the cost and complexity out of compliance. Provides intelligent automated alerts & system clearing, digital audit trails, multiple lines of business, different views of the same data, and feature flags for quick deployment of new functionalities.
  • 4ms (Digital Onboarding & KYC Maintenance):  Fund accounts faster. Consolidate onboarding documents to a single package, eliminate manual data entry, repaper clients in bulk, with straight-through processing to the custodian.

Differentiation from Competitors:

  • One-time Data Integration: Streamline integration, decreasing the cost of new features & functionality and accelerating the path to go live.
  • Role & Permissions: Enabling different views of the same data through a role and permission-based approach (advisor, head office, assistant views.)
  • Connected Workflows: Automating data pre-population across multiple products, including client onboarding, through connected workflow,
  • Push & Pull Data: Facilitating seamless data exchange through push & pull capabilities.
  • Built for Change: Help firms scale immediate regulatory requirements and adapt to new rules & regulations as required.
  • Multiple Lines of Business: Supports multiple lines of business within a single platform. The Platform is designed to conduct suitability at the account, portfolio, or household level.

Ready to see our solutions in action? Request a demo today and discover how Four Eyes can transform your wealth management operations.