New Client Portal Modernizes Wealth Management Firms


Four Eyes Financial Launches Digital Discovery Zone – Canadian investors now get to plan and make decisions with their investment advisor from home.

Saint John (June 23, 2020) Lori Weir, Co-founder and CEO of Four Eyes wanted a seamless multi-channel experience with her financial advisor and is proud that today, “Canadians no longer have to struggle through a disconnected in-person and online experience to feel confident they are invested in products that meet their risk tolerance and goals. The Digital Discovery Zone enables compliant, dynamic and engaging communication for Canadian Wealth firms and their clients.

Discovery Zone helps advisors deliver consistent and engaging customer communication. Today the new platform enables two-way document sharing, video and phone conferencing, and scheduling. Compliance is a key driver in this industry, and Discovery Zone delivers. All communications are stored and easily retrieved for compliance purposes. Lori paints the picture, “When going out is something you have to think very hard about these days, imagine having all conversations with your investment advisor spring from a dynamic client portal which we call the Discovery Zone.

The Digital Discovery Zone, built on Amazon Web Services, is here to help the Financial Services sector catch up to other industries in delivering a fully compliant multi-channel experience.

AWS Use Case with Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Four Eyes Financial works with Canadian Wealth Management firms from across the country, including Burlington, ON based Aligned Capital Partners Inc. who was the first user of this industry changing technology. “Four Eyes provides Head Office to Advisor and Advisor to Client digital communication that can be captured, archived and retrieved making communication transparent, timely and trackable. In the end we are able to deliver a far superior customer experience, profitably.” States Christopher Enright, President & Managing Director of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.. Aligned Capital Partners Inc. is the back-office partner to over 200 investment advisors across the country and is Canada’s fastest growing Broker Dealer. 

About Four Eyes Financial:
Based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Four Eyes Financial is a Canadian RegTech company modernizing how the financial services sector aligns an investor’s risk profile & goals with investment products to manage regulatory and reputational risk. Four Eyes works with industry and its clients to continuously improve investor confidence.

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