Part Four: Summary

The fall brings a new focus on business planning and strategy. Here’s a short recap of the highlights from our summer series for consideration as you move from covering vacations to focusing on the future.

  • Migrating to the Cloud: Cloud-based platforms provide centralized data storage for seamless integration of compliance data to scale your program and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Creating Alignment: To modernize your compliance platform, creating a common view of risk for dealers and advisors allows for seamless communication and a digital audit trail.
  • Client-Level Suitability: Supervising at the client level will give a holistic view of suitability to streamline investment decisions and improve investor outcomes rather than relying on a transaction-by-account basis.

The Four Eyes Intelligent Compliance Platform includes these considerations and more. Connecting workflows and enhancing capacity with automated alerts allows compliance teams to operate efficiently, providing 50% more capacity. Wealth firms can consolidate vendors, reduce end-point products, and maximize the cost and time of integrating their daily custodial data with one versus multiple vendors. The Intelligent Compliance Platform is the only cloud-native platform in Canada providing KYC, KYP, and Suitability software. Additionally, other benefits include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Seamlessly connect client onboarding & KYC data with supervision. For example, KYC & identification data captured during onboarding is leveraged by intelligent compliance alerts made available to supervisors during review.
  • Quick Deployment: Feature flags permit quick deployment of new products, features, and functionality based on client needs, streamlining integration cost and accelerating the path to go live.
  • Built for Change: Helps firms scale immediate regulatory requirements and adapt to new rules & regulations without disrupting the user experience.

As we conclude our summer series, we’re looking to engage with firms who want to spearhead transformative changes and drive greater efficiencies into their business. We want to learn about your strategic objectives and the milestones on your roadmap. Four Eyes is ready to be your trusted partner, ensuring your compliance program not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements. We look forward to connecting with you.