A welcoming and informative digital space where investors and advisors engage in continuous discovery.

Discovery Zone

Investors expect deeply personalized, timely and elegant communication.

Give your advisors the tools to deepen relationships and be more proactive with advice.

Let’s talk.

Performance Dashboard

Features data selector, market value, year-to-date activity, account values, and investment mix.

Account Page

Displays account & portfolio totals, and account holdings.


Advisors and investors can view and download documents.

Transaction Page

Investors can view transactions with the ability to search, sort, and filter.

Contact Page

Investors can complete a form to submit an email to their advisor and view advisor contact details.

Advisor/Firm Experience

Allows the advisor to enable & disable end-user access, view user analytics, upload documents, and view Discovery Zone as the end-user.

Mobile Experience

Designed with a responsive framework, investors can engage in a consistent mobile experience, and firms are liberated from the cost of managing multiple apps.

If your firm has a compelling vision for your client journey, we’d love to share our deep expertise in digital experience, security, and design to help you bring it to life.

Lori Weir, CEO, Four Eyes Financial

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