Webinar Wrap Up

Fund Accounts Faster with Digital Onboarding

Four Eyes was delighted to host a panel of experts in advisor experience: David Wilson, Kelly Seabrook, Pallav Kapur, and Sean Shore for an engaging discussion about digital onboarding.

There were many highlights from this session, so we put together five key takeaways to share:

1. Bulk transition; you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Advisors are most vulnerable when it comes to moving their book from one dealer to another. Creating a smooth bulk transition is key to building confidence with the end client, advisor, and associates. David Wilson talks about Wellington-Altus’ experience introducing the Four Eyes onboarding solution to their advisors.

2. Accurate documentation & data; where investor confidence begins and ends.

This takeaway comes from Canadian regulatory expert, Sean Shore.  Accurate documentation & data is the cornerstone of the client relationship. Having accurate documentation from the get-go ultimately serves the client better.

3. Access to data; the key to pre-population & operational efficiencies.

The third takeaway is about access to information and how that plays a role in the advisor and associate experience. To scale onboarding, ensure that data is not trapped in a silo within the application or book of record. Kelly Seabrook of Wellington-Altus spoke about their advisor’s experience working with the Four Eyes onboarding solution and how it takes the responsibility off the shoulders of the associates.

4. Onboarding challenges; improved by user driven design.

Our last panelist takeaway is from Pallav Kapur, from Synpulse. He shared that onboarding challenges are a global issue and not unique to the Canadian market. Advisors and associates are key stakeholders, and must be included in designing a successful onboarding program. Onboarding is a multi-step, multi-stakeholder effort where each player in the process needs to own and excel in their role.

5. Pain points and pain killers

The final takeaway from our webinar is how Four Eyes has solved three key pain points for advisors. 

  • Pre-populate forms. Input data once and remove the repetitive tasks. 
  • Bulk Transitions with auto intelligence to correct invalid data (e.g. SIN & addresses) and reduce errors. 
  • The ability to add multiple wet forms to a package, and allow for onboarding packages to be amended and submitted. Advisors want to streamline client communication and eliminate confusion. 

We look forward to future webinars in 2023 and continuing to share the knowledge of important RegTech topics in Canada. If you would like a demo of our onboarding solution or to learn more, send us an email.